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Home Exterior Contractors vs. Home Interior Contractors – What do you need done?

When you’re getting ready to do improvements on your house, you need to decide what kind of contractor is necessary in fulfilling a remodeling project. Of course, the contractor you need falls into two categories – home interior contractors and home exterior contractors. Even though it may seem like common sense, do you know what type of contractor falls into each category? We split it up by interior and exterior jobs so you can understand who you need to get the job done.

Home Exterior Contractors Jobs
You can have the kitchen you want while remodeling for less. Moreover, your new kitchen can feel and function like the model you have in mind. That said, your new kitchen does not have to look exactly like one in a picture. Moving items like plumbing can be extremely costly. Don't let it keep you from the overall look that matters most. Instead, ask your kitchen remodeling contractors for their ideas and ways they can work around the costly changes. Think about your reasoning, too. If you want to move your sink just to be close to a section that is less expensive to move, you can save big!
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Roofing Replacement
Getting home exterior contractors that specialize in roofing replacement can help to make your remodeling project go smoothly.

Gutter replacement

If your gutters are past the point of being reattached to the side of your home, it may be a great time to replace them. This is where home exterior contractors would come into play.

Window Replacement

This is something that many people are unsure if it falls into the exterior or interior category, but window replacement and installation is generally a job for home exterior contractors.

Siding Repair

Making sure you’re using home exterior contractors for siding repair and installation is a key factor in making sure your project goes well. Hiring a general contractor for this job might not be as effective as hiring one that specializes in the exterior of homes.

Home Interior Contractor Jobs

Attic Repair

If there’s a problem with your attic’s structure, insulation, or it needs just general repairs, this would usually fall into the interior contractor’s category.

Bathroom Renovations

When you’re looking to renovate any portion or room of your home, bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen included, it’s important to use contractors that mainly deal with the interior of a home.

Basement Renovations

These renovations, because they often fall on the border of interior and exterior renovations, usually lean more towards the interior contractors.

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