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Small Kitchen Problems: How To Renovate Your Tiny Space

When you live in the city, in a row home, or anywhere else where space is limited, chances are that your kitchen is tiny. This makes it really hard to entertain, let alone move around in – but what happens when you want to renovate this room of your home? Besides finding the right kitchen renovation contractor for the job, we have some tips on how to plan out your ideal kitchen no matter how much space there is to work with.

Use what space you have
This may seem a bit redundant when it comes to renovating your tiny kitchen space, but it’s really important to keep in mind. Don’t get too caught up in the fact that your kitchen is small; remember that the space you have to work with when it comes to renovations is always doable.
Hover Over Image to EnlargeHow to renovate your tiny kitchen
Floor to ceiling
When you’re talking with your kitchen remodeling contractor about your renovation plans, chances are that they’ll go over the use of floor to ceiling space. This means that utilizing all the space between the floor and ceiling – usually in terms of cabinets – can maximize your storage spac

Drawers over doors

We don’t mean cabinets here, but what we do mean is things like pantries, closets, and tall cabinets for your kitchen makeover. Usually when speaking with your kitchen remodeling contractor, they’ll really be able to look at your space and see that maybe taller cabinets aren’t the best fit for a smaller space. Plus – using drawers allows you to maximize your storage without stacking things as much.
Use small appliances
Many large retailers of kitchen appliances offer smaller, more space-efficient appliances for places like apartments or condos. When you’re renovating your tiny kitchen, talk with your kitchen remodeling contractor about opting for these area-conscious appliances.
Recognize the flow
Have you ever heard of the Kitchen Triangle? This is a really important piece of the kitchen renovation puzzle – especially when it comes to sitting down with your kitchen remodeling contractor. The space between how long it takes you to get to your sink, counter top space, and refrigerator is usually referred to as the Kitchen Triangle. When you’re working with a smaller kitchen, your remodeling specialist will work with you to optimize this space so this triangle is as seamless as possible.
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